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    W R Cade Paving is a full service asphalt paving company since 1992. We specialize in residential, commercial, municipal, parking lots & driveways. If you are planning on installing an asphalt driveway, call us today for an estimate.

    W R Cade Paving offers all types of asphalt paving and chip sealing for residential and commercial clients. We offer senior citizen discounts and take all forms of payment. We have had thousands of satisfied customers over the years. For a free estimate from our qualified paving contractors, please call (724) 652-6144 or (800) 275 4581.

    At W R Cade Paving we believe that a good paving job begins with a solid plan. Before we start doing anything, we will understand your job from start-to-finish. A thorough inspection of the site allows us to become familiar with the specific conditions of your property, and it will also prevent any costly surprises during the paving process. When you receive a written proposal from W R Cade Paving, you're getting more than just an estimate, it's a plan. We have the knowledge, procedures and resources to ensure that the job is done correctly and on schedule.

    We offer professional asphalt paving services!

    Paving can be described as the building of new asphalt surfaces. First the jobsite is thoroughly inspected to understand the land and the elevation levels. Then the existing pavement is excavated and/or graded to achieve the desired elevations and proper drainage. Next, an aggregate base course is placed and compacted. Finally, the asphalt is placed and compacted.

    Resurfacing or overlay is done to fix deterioration of asphalt from lack of maintenance, constant use or expiration of life expectancy. Typically, 1 1/2" -2" of surface asphalt is applied for an overlay.

    Patching is done when the asphalt/subgrade has failed in smaller portions of the pavement and the remainder of the surface is in good condition. Typically, the patch is cut with a saw to create straight edges. Then the spot is excavated enough to achieve an appropriate subgrade and then filled back in with aggregate base and asphalt.

    Excavation can be useful in several situations. Prior to an overlay, it can be used to remove the areas to be fixed, often severely deteriorated asphalt. It can also be used for a complete removal of asphalt prior to new construction. Or just simply to dig out a new area to receive an addition to an existing surface.



    We specialize in commercial and residential asphalt installation. Whether you’re laying a parking lot or driveway, we can satisfy all your asphalt needs.​


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    Call today for an estimate from our team of asphalt professionals. Whether you’re envisioning a grand project or need repairs, we can help you realize your goals.​

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